FSGraphicHut Privacy Statement

Based on PIPEDA - Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

It is the core intent of FSGraphicHut to provide its customers and clients; FSGraphicHut heretofor referred to as the Company, respect for their Privacy Rights.


PIPEDA applies to the collection, use or disclosure of personal information in the course of a commercial activity.

Under PIPEDA, the definition of organization includes an association, a partnership, a person or a trade union.

A commercial activity is defined as any particular transaction, act, or conduct, or any regular course of conduct that is of a commercial character, including the selling, bartering or leasing of donor, membership or other fund-raising lists.

Organizations covered by the Act must obtain an individual’s consent when they collect, use or disclose the individual’s personal information. The individual has a right to access personal information held by an organization and to challenge its accuracy, if need be.

FSGraphicsHut Personal Information Requirements

In order that FSGraphicsHut, heretofor referred to as the Company, can provide proper protection to its Customers, the Customer is required to properly fill out any forms that allow it to conduct business with the company.

There will be no recourse but to refuse to conduct any business if the forms necessary to doing that business are not completely and accurately filled out.

The Act of Consent, will be construed by the ACT of filling out the forms necessary to create a working contract between the Customer and the Company.

Only Personal Information that is relevant to the operations of the Company shall be collected. No one but Company administrative personell dealing with this information shall ever be privy to it.

Third Party Protection

IF there becomes an affiliate opportunity, each member will again, need to give their consent to be inclusive. In that case, privacy information may be partially available to the necessary personnel involved.

Customers need to understand that under the law, we must be compliant with the requirements of involved IRS for the purpose of income tax.

Any gathered information, will be kept only as long as the purpose for the collection is in force.

Legislation such as the Income Tax Act may authorize you to store personal information over a long period.

Contact Information

Should you require information concerning the Company Privacy Policies, please submit a request to the listed email address or by phone to the listed owners.

If you are not satisfied with Company responses to your enquiries, you may contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner at 1 800 282-1376.

The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA)

Applies to websites for kids, but it also may apply to sites aimed at general audiences.

FSgraphicsHut does not and will not knowingly collect any form of information from a child 13yrs of age and younger.

COPPA is designed to give parental control over what their children may view/join. Thus the Company states, any knowledge of a less than 18 yr old who may sign up for our newsletter, or any offers here-to-fore made in the future, will not be honored AND that account will be completely removed from our records.